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Fitness is the condition of any person's life in which he feels physically fit and healthy. 
 Fitness is not limited to mental acuity, cardio-    respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility This is a standard definition of fitness that usually comes to the mind of people. 
 But each person has a different definition of fitness, someone completing a marathon without getting tired and lifting more weight is considered fitness. So it is good fitness for someone to complete the whole day's work without getting tired. 
 It's Because This Definition Of Fitness Shows Your Interest It doesn't matter what your definition of fitness is, All you need to know is whether your definition of fitness meets the expectations of good health or not. 
 This means whether you are able to balance every single part of life and are you able to do each and every task with utmost care. 
 If not then there is no need to worry, you just have to keep the expectations from life on which it can live up to it, that means You have to set small goals, which you can do with full enthusiasm and with full attention. 


Fitness education is very important to make every person's life better and healthier. It has a very important role in our overall education. Fitness education is very important to make the lifestyle of every age person healthy. Through fitness education, new skills like strength, power, speed, agility, endurance are developed in the students by playing them new fitness and skill based games. 
According to a research, physical activity reduces the stress level to a great extent. Along with this, physical education gives you a new confidence so that you can successfully execute new techniques, ideas, and abilities. According to a report, physical activity not only gives you a great health but also boosts your academics a lot, In which mathematics and reading become very influential. Physical activity or fitness education gives you a good and healthy sleep, improves your focus level to a great extent, leads you towards good habits and  Also teaches you to value health.