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Abmat sit-ups is one of the most effective and special variation of sit-ups exercises. 

This exercise extends your abdominal muscles completely at the very beginning of the exercise, Which is not possible in other sit-ups exercise. 

In abmat sit-ups exercise, when you raise your upper body, it stabilizes your pelvic region. 

Abmat sit-ups exercise strengthen your core by extending your abdominals and giving your abs muscles a lot of stability. 


Abmat sit-ups exercise specifically targets your abdominal muscles. 

This variation of the sit-ups exercise stabilizes your pelvic region, while effectively targeting your core. 

The flexion of your spine in the Abmat Sit-Ups exercise gives it a lot of flexibility. 

This exercise also target your chest, lower back and hips muscles.




STEP.2:(ACTION):  In the abmat exercise, first of all, lie down comfortably on the floor on your back. 

 Put the abmat under your lower back, so that you will get support and maximum benefit of this exercise. 

Now you have folded your legs and brought them into a butterfly shape, that means bend your legs and press both the foot soles together, By doing this your knees will become wider towards the outside. 

 After this, extend your arms upwards or overhead, this is the starting position of the exercise. 

Now lift your upper body with the support of Abmat and take it towards your feet and touch your hands on the floor. 

Now lift your upper body with the support of Abmat and while bending, take it towards your feet and touch your hands on the floor. 

Do this exercise very carefully while slowing down the motion so that your muscles feel more stressed. 

You should do this exercise in 3 to 4 sets in the range of 10 to 12 reps. 

If you are at the beginning of this exercise, focus on perfecting the motion. 





1. Abmat sit-ups exercise targets your core, which makes your lower body very strong. 

2. Abmat sit-ups exercise is a special and effective variation of sit-ups exercise that stabilizes your pelvic region and gives flexibility to your spine 

3.Abmat  sit-ups exercise targets your lower back, abs muscles, hips muscles and strengthens them. 

4. Abmat sit-ups exercise make your lower body flexible and stable if done properly. 


1. Perfect the motion of abmat sit-ups exercise, for which do this exercise slowly so that your lower muscles are well targeted. 

2. At the beginning of the Abmat Sit-ups exercise, when you place Abmat below the lower back, do not bend the spine too much, otherwise your spine may suffer. 

3. During this exercise, do not fix the base of your spine on the edge of the abmat, Otherwise you will get rash on your back. 

4. In Abmat exercise, Abmat gives full support to your back, so that your lower body gets the full benefit of this exercise. 


1. If you have any injury in your shoulder and back, then you should not do this exercise, if you are not going to live without this exercise, then first consult your health expert.