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Chest press exercise is a complete exercise for your upper body. Because along with targeting your chest muscles,

 it also targets your shoulder muscles and triceps muscles. Due to which along with your chest, shoulder and triceps muscles also grow. 

This exercise is quite right for making the upper body muscular. 

When you achieve perfection in this exercise, then you should include it in your exercise routine 

after pushups Because the muscles that remain from being targeted by pushups, they can be effectively targeted in chest fly, Due to which your chest gets growth in a good way. 




STEP.1:EQUIPMENTS:   Weight  ,barbell or   dumbbells. 


In this exercise, you have to lie on the bench with your back, keeping in mind that your shoulders, back and hips remain on the bench during the exercise. 

Press your shoulders on the bench and balance the feet properly on the floor, so that your body gets good support during the exercise. 

Now, grasp the barbell slightly away from the width of the shoulder, with the right grip of your palms.

 And keep in mind that the gap between both your hands and weights should be equal. 

When lifting the barbell, it should be just above your chest. 

Take a deep breath and lift the barbell till the hands are straight and slowly bring it down, pause for a while then raise it again. 

You have to lift it in 3 sets in the range of 10 to 12 reps, just keep in mind that the weight is according to you. 

Note: If you are in the beginning of this exercise, then you go with light weight in 2 sets in 7 to 8 reps range. 

And if you are not able to lift the barbell with weight, then lift the barbell without weight and perfect the lifting movement. 





1. If you have any kind of injury in your shoulder, then you should not do this exercise. 

And if you still have to exercise and are not going to live without exercise, then first consult your health expert. 

2. Whenever you lift heavy weights during bench press exercise, always keep a helper with you.

 And if the helper is also lost in the exercise, then you can use the power rack. Whenever the barbell lift falls, the power rack protects your chest from injury. 


1.STRENGTH AND MUSCLE GROWTH:  By including chest press exercise in your exercise routine, it brings a lot of good changes to your upper body. Your chest looks more muscular and attractive.

Along with making your chest attractive, it strengthens the upper body, in which chest, shoulders and biceps are very important. 

This exercise plays an important role in powerlifting because this exercise targets the important parts of your upper body. 

Which makes you capable of lifting more weight in powerlifting. 

2.BALANCE YOUR BODY MUSCLE:  Chest press exercise balances your body muscles. With age, there is a loss of muscles, but this exercise keeps your upper body muscles in balance and strong.