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Bicycle crunch exercise is a perfect abs exercise for you. Because it not only targets your usual abs but also targets your deep abs and obliques. 

Bicycle crunch is one such exercise in which you do not need any equipment and you can do it wherever you want. 

This exercise is the most effective exercise to increase the strength of your core, By strengthening the core, your posture is maintained and you can do your daily tasks easily. 


Bicycle crunches are preferred because they target your rectus abdominis. 

The rectus abdominis is your upper  abs muscle , this muscle is most important in making your abs. 

According to the report of the American Council of Exercise, the bicycle crunches exercise is the most effective in targeting your rectus abdominis. 

The bicycle crunches exercise also targets your obliques, which are your side abdominal muscles. 

Along with this, when you lift your legs during exercise, your traverse abdominis is also engaged, which is difficult to target. 

Therefore this exercise is a perfect exercise for your abs.



STEP.1  First of all lie down on a comfortable floor 

Press your lower back on the floor, so that you get support during the exercise now Bend your legs and keep your feet flat on the floor.

Place your hands lightly behind your head. 

Now you straighten left leg by lifting it slightly from the floor and while bending the right leg, bring it towards your chest. 

During this, you have to lift your upper body slightly from the floor, move the left elbow towards the right leg knee. 

Don't worry if your elbow doesn't touch the knee of the leg, all you have to do is focus on contracting the abs muscle. 

Similarly, you have to bring the left leg towards the right elbow by bending it. 

In this way your one rep is complete. You do this exercise in 3 sets in the range of 12 to 20 reps. 

NOTE:  If you are in the beginning of this exercise, then do 2 sets in the range of 8 to 10 reps and perfect the exercise motion. 






1. If you are perfect in this exercise and you want to make your core stronger, then make this exercise a little difficult. 

For this, whenever you bend the right leg and bring it towards the left elbow during the exercise, then after that 

Then after this, when you go to the starting position, do not take the leg and upper body on the floor, but keep the balance by lifting it a little. 

Doing this puts maximum stress on your core. 

2. During the exercise, you have to keep your lower back on the floor. In this exercise, only your leg and upper body have to be moved. 

Be careful that your hips do not move or rotate during the exercise. 

3. During the bicycle crunch exercise, do not put stress on the head and neck to touch your elbow on the leg knee. In this exercise, all you have to do is focus on the contraction of the abs muscle and not on the neck injury.