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Fibro fog, also known as fibromyalgia or brain fog, is one such confusing condition in the human brain. 

In which the brain has a lot of difficulty in remembering numbers, information, the mind remains confused all the time, unable to focus on things. 

There is a problem in continuing the conversation, they are not able to talk properly, not able to take quick action and not able to think quickly.

Many doctors did a lot of research about this condition of the human brain, but even today, for health experts, having fibro fog has been a debatable subject.

 This means that the doctor is not clear about the reason for the occurrence of fibro fog. 


Recent research has shown that fibro fog is caused by depression, chronic pain, lack of oxygen to the brain and not getting enough sleep. 

Most health experts believe that the symptoms of fibro fog are more visible due to lack of healthy sleep. 

According to a report, more than 10 million people in the United States are troubled by fibro fog. 

A 2018 report published in Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging According to which, 

if a person who has fibro fog does resistance exercise twice a week for four months, then it helps a lot in getting healthy sleep quick decision.

 It is believed by many physical experts that good exercise reduces the symptoms of fibro fog to a great extent. 

There are many exercises in the list of good exercises, in which 

AEROBICS EXERXISE:  Aerobics exercise is the most effective physical activity in fibro fog, it uses your large muscles, And makes the muscle moment smooth. 

Walking can also prove to be a very good exercise, in which you do not need any tools. 

Swimming and cycling are also good options that reduce your stress significantly and make you feel good.

 Do these exercises for 30 minutes a day. By doing it 5 times a week, the results will be in your favor.

 If you want to reduce the time then do it happily ,Just do those things that reduce your stress level. 

FOR YOUR MUSCLE AND MOOD:  Strength exercise has proven to be very helpful in reducing your depression. 

You don't have to lift heavy barbell weights, you just have to use resistant band, handheld weight and fitness machine. 

I SOMETRIC CHEST EXPRESSION:  If you have trouble with strength exercises, then use isometric chest expression,

 in this you just have to hold your arms at the chest height, And press your palms together, as firmly as you can, hold it for 5 sec,

 then take rest for 5 sec. and repeat it for 5 times. If this hurts you, then you should consult a fitness expert and choose the exercise that is right for you. 

DAILY HOUSEHOLD ACTIVITY:  Household chores like cleaning, washing, gardening, and playing with children is also a good exercise. Which reduces the symptoms of fibro fog. 

YOGA FOR FIBRO FOG:  Yoga is very effective in reducing the symptoms of fibro fog, as it involves many stretching along with meditation. 

Which suits your body completely, viniyoga is the best example. It also has stretching along with meditation. It is effective in calming your mind and body. 


There are many other methods which are quite effective in reducing the symptoms of fibro fog. 

  • Avoid caffeine. 

  • Organize your space. 

  • Set small task. 

  • Healthy food. 

  • Don't multitask. 

  • Best suited regular exercise. 

  • Breathe deeply. 

  • De stress. 

  • Get healthy sleep.