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Today we have come to the 21st century where we have taken the pursuit of fitness to a new dimension.


Today, good fitness is an important part of the best and healthy lifestyle.

 But according to the researches, when Humankind started, at that time fitness activity was only visible in running away from predators, hunting, walking for miles and in gathering. 

 Travel for miles to meet your own family tribe, go hunting for days, and save your life from predators. 

It was a common thing for all of them. 

Time passed, the purpose of fitness activity also changed Fitness activities were introduced to prepare physical competition, improve physical display, mental health and look good.

 like running, jumping, wrestling, gymnastics and throwing heavy stones, According to historians, it was the most liked fitness activity of the time. 


Most famous physical activity which was very popular at that time 


In this training, a small heavy stone was thrown far with the support of the shoulder with one hand. 

According to the researchers, the heaviest stone ever thrown by anyone is 

Bybon's stone weighing 143.5 kg, found in Olympia, Greece, with a handle with the name of the thrower written on it 

and his name is bybon Similar to Javelin Throw, Tree Trunk Throw or Discus Throw In which the weight of metal discus was 3 to 12 lbs. and the weight of stone was 15 lbs. 


This includes jumping from heights, jumping from heights wearing armor, pole vaulting with horseback. 



This physical activity was very popular in Sparta, in which the two team entered an island from opposite ends of the bridge.

 This island was surrounded by a  water filled ditches And the opponent had to use wrestling and some other technique to knock down the other opponent. 

Similarly, wrestling, boxing, hockey and ball games were also very popular that time. 

  • The Near East (4000-250 BC) 

Considering the importance of physical activity, many empires like Syria, Egypt, Babylon, Persia made it necessary on their people.

 The empire that used physical activity the best is Persia. Persia used it for military and political purposes, in which every person was given strong physical training.

Due to this strict rule, Persia was transformed into a very strong empire. The importance of physical activity was lost and it became the reason for the end of the Persia Empire. 

  • Ancient Chinese and Indian civilization: 

Some kind of physical activity was prevalent in the Chinese Civilization from the very beginning, which saved them from many diseases. Chinese invented kung fu which kept his body in perfect fitness condition. 

The desire for spirituality was more than the desire for fitness in India This was the reason why physical activity was not very popular. 

But the Hindu Priest invented an exercise which was true to his religious belief and that is Yoga. Seeing the benefits of yoga, it is famous all over the world today. 

The popularity of physical activity in today's America is due to the European immigrants. Over time, many American leaders also inspired American to participate in physical exercise. 

That is why the importance of physical exercises increased with time and today people happily choose it as a career.