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JUKARI fit to fly

I n the old ongoing exercise, some do not give results even after giving many days and in some, a lot of time is spent in achieving perfection. 

Due to which we start getting bored and our focus starts shifting from the exercise side. 

But there is an exercise that makes your whole body fit as well as gives you a lot of fun. 

Jukari Fit To Fly is one such interesting and fun full body exercise, which makes your whole body fit as well as keeps you mentally fit. 

The word jukari comes from the Italian word giacore, which means to play and have fun. 

Because there are different movements in this exercise, which make your body completely fit and balance. 

The jukari Fit To Fly exercise has been invented by Cirque du Soleil in collaboration with Reebok. 

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most famous entertainment company in Montreal, which is the world's largest contemporary circus producer. 

Jukari Exercise is completely inspired by the circus movement, in which your whole body gets exercised. 




Jukari Fit To Fly Exercise is such a full body accessory that targets your entire body and makes it flexible and balance. 

But if you want to strengthen your core and increase your cardiovascular strength, then this exercise is the best option for you. 


STEP:1.(EQUIPMENTS):  In this exercise, there is a hanging strap with the bar, the hanging strap is fixed on the ceiling and we can set the bar at different positions. 

STEP:2.(ACTION):  This exercise needs a lot of space, so that you can perform all the movements well. 

1. In this exercise, first of all, hold the bar with a good grip, and keep the bar close to your body. 

2. According to experts, the closer you keep the bar to the body, the more it will help you in lifting the body. 

3. Now do normal exercises like squat, step touch and back stretch, while holding the bar. 

4. Do this cardio exercise for 3 to 4 minutes. 

5. After this, you do 3 to 4 minutes of resistant exercise, using the strap. 

6. After doing all this, stand comfortably on the floor, And now you hold the bar with a wide grip, and by fixing your feet on the floor, move the upper body forward. 

7. By doing this your legs will be parallel to the floor, now you will slowly come back to the starting position. 

8. Do this exercise in 7 to 10 reps, after that bend your one leg and  fix one leg on the floor and move the upper body forward again, 

 By doing this one of your legs will be extended and your upper body will move forward taking the support of the bar. 

9. Now slowly come to the starting position, in this way your one rape will be completed. 

10. Repeat this exercise with your other leg as well, and you can do this exercise with each leg in 7 to 10 reps. 

NOTE:  After achieving perfection in these exercises, you can do body lifts, different series of body spins, famous full moon shuffle etc. under the supervision of a trainer.