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Pistol squat exercise is a more effective unilateral exercise for your lower body.

This is one such cardiovascular exercise that strengthens your lower body as well as keeps it energized.

This exercise targets most of the muscles in your lower body. 

This exercise strengthens your core along with increasing the endurance of your lower body. 

Due to which you get energy to do tasks like weightlifting, pushing, pulling, running. 

The pistol squat is an effective exercise that improves a coordination in your legs and core called proprioception. 




Pistol squat  exercise effectively targets your hips adductor, glutes, calves , core muscles and hamstrings . 

But the pistol squat exercise specifically targets the posterior muscle chain, This is such a muscle chain that runs from the back of your head to  your back of your heels. 

Posterior chain gets benefited by doing this exercise properly. Because this muscle chain is very much influenced by your mobility. 


1. In the Pistol Squat Exercise, you first stand in a balance position on the floor. 

2. Keep such a distance between the legs, so that your balance remains 

3. Now lift one of your legs from the floor and straighten it, keeping in mind that the leg is parallel to the floor. 

4. After this, raise both your hands and straighten them in front of you, it should also be parallel to the floor. 

5. Now in this position, by bending the straight leg, bring your body down, that means balance yourself on one leg. 

6. Keep in mind that the foot on which you are balancing the whole body, it should be absolutely flat on the floor. 

7.You can hold this position of exercise as long as you want. 

8. After this, rise upwards in the same position, By doing this your bent leg will become straight. 

10. Now repeat the same exercise with your other leg. 

NOTE:  Do this exercise in 5 reps and 3 sets for each leg. 





1. This exercise is known to make your lower body much stronger. 

Because it targets most of your muscles. Due to which they get stability, balance and strength. 

2.Pistol Squat Exercise Increases Your Sprint Performance, So this exercise is very effective for an athlete. 

3. This exercise strengthens your core a lot, which helps you a lot in tasks like pulling, pushing, weightlifting. 

4. This exercise is very effective for your posterior muscle chain. 


1. In the exercise, pay special attention to the body balance, in the beginning you should pay more attention to the motion balance than the exercise. 

2. In this exercise, keep in mind that the foot on which you are balancing the whole body, it should be completely flat on the floor. 

3. During the pistol squat exercise, keep your spine straight and core muscles tight, so that you get the maximum benefit of this exercise. 

4. If you do this exercise properly, you will get the maximum benefit in no time.