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Plyo lunges exercise is a more effective exercise for your lower body. 

This is one such cardiovascular exercise that strengthens your lower body as well as keeps it energized. 

This exercise targets most of the muscles in your lower body. 

This exercise strengthens your core along with increasing the endurance of your lower body. 

Due to which you get energy to do tasks like weightlifting, pushing, pulling. 


The plyo lunges exercise targets and stabilizes most of the muscles in your lower body. 

It effectively targets your glutes, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and quadriceps 

This exercise engages those muscles of your lower body, which makes your core strong and stable. 

Along with this, it also gives strength and stability to your ankle. 




1. In this exercise, first of all you should stand in balance positions on the floor. 

2. Keep in mind that your feet should be together and both your hands are on the sides of the body. 

3. Now you come to the reverse lunge position, in which you have to bend the right leg and extend the left leg backwards. 

4. This is our starting position. 

5. Now you bring your left leg which was extended backwards, bend it and bring it to the height of the chest. 

6. After reaching the left leg to the chest, take it backwards from where we started. 

7. In this way your one rep is complete, with this you do in the range of 8 to 10 reps with one leg. 

8. Then you do the same exercise with the right leg in the range of 8 to 10 reps. 

NOTE:  This exercise is very effective in increasing your cardiovascular strength. 




1. Plyo lunges are a special high impact exercise that enhances your body's endurance and flexibility as well as increases cardiovascular strength. 

2. This exercise, if done properly, increases your bone density and protects you from knee injuries. 

3. This exercise targets most of the muscles in your lower body, which balances your lower body muscles and brings stability. 

4. This exercise has proved to be very important and effective for sportspersons. 


1. This exercise is an advanced version of lunges exercise and it has more impact on the body, so make sure to warm up before this exercise.

 Due to which your muscles are active, and there is no problem in the muscles during exercise. 

NOTE: To get maximum benefit from this exercise, slow down the initial reps. 

2. During this exercise, balance the front heel on the floor, If your foot heel loses balance, then balance it again and slow down the exercise and do it properly. 

3. The most common mistake made during the plyo lunges exercise is locking the knee, By doing this, when the legs come to the floor during the exercise, the knees and hips are not able to absorb the landing force and more stress comes on them.