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The reverse crunches exercise is a complete and effective exercise for your abs. Because it targets the entire muscles of your abs, Which makes your abs attractive and muscular. 

If you do not want to put stress on your neck, then this exercise is a better option for you. 

Because this exercise only targets your major abs muscles and at the same time it does not put too much stress on your lower back and spine. 

In the traditional crunches exercise, along with your abs, there is unnecessary stress on your lower back and spine. 

So reverse crunches exercise is more effective and a better option than traditional crunches. 


Reverse crunches are considered a complete abs exercise because they target your entire abs muscles. 

It targets the rectus abdominis muscle which is very important in building your six pack abs. 

It also effectively targets the obliques muscles which are the side muscles of your abs. 

Along with this, this exercise also targets the transverse abdominals, which are your deep abs muscles and which are difficult to target. 




STEP.1: First of all, lie down on a comfortable floor or mat, keep your hands on either side of you , keep your head straight and bend your legs, this is our starting position. 

Now slowly lift your bent legs from the floor in such a way that they are just above your hips and become parallel to the floor. 

Now take your legs towards the chest, curling the hips, so that your hips will rise from the mat But during this, keep in mind that your back should remain on the floor. 

After the legs reach the chest, slowly lower the leg back to the starting position 

On reaching the starting position, do not keep the legs on the floor, but bend them to maintain a 90 degree angle. 

In this way your one rep is complete, you can do it in 3 sets in the range of 12 to 20 reps. 

NOTE: If you are in the beginning of this exercise, then perfect the motion of the exercise, then move towards more reps and sets. 

Once perfection is achieved in this exercise, you will get very good results in no time. 




1. Reverse crunches improve your posture and balance your abdominal muscles while increasing your core strength. 

2. Reverse crunches do not put stress on your neck and back but put stress on your major abs muscles, so that you get the right benefit from it. 

3.This exercise proves to be very helpful fordaily work, because due to the strong core, we are able to do things like pushing, lifting easily. 


1. If you have a neck or back injury, then first you should consult your health expert, whether this exercise is right for you or not. 

2. This exercise is not for pregnant women at all.