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Winter is a time when our physical activity becomes very less, exercises become challenging. 

We become children and we do not even think of leaving the house ,Just get us hot delicious food and get a nice blanket, this is our first wish.

 But less physical activity in winter has a bad effect on the health of us and our pet. 

In winter, full fun exercise and winter sport that make your whole body completely fit, It name is Skijoring. 

Skijoring is a sport that is quite famous in front of skiers.

 In skijoring you need a ski ,good harness and a loyal energetic pet dog that can run fast and one who loves to pull, plow  and play in the snow. 


Northern dog breeds like Huskies, Malamutes, Samoyeds, Chow-chows, and Canadian Eskimos come in the best dog breeds for this exercise and sport.

 All you have to do is to protect your pet from harsh weather by best dog gears.

 Apart from this, American Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Staffordshire and American Terriers, Retrievers, and German Shepherds also like Skijoring. 

But if you have a small pet dog, you don't have to force it for skijoring. Because it is not suitable for Chihuahuas and Shih Tzu breed dogs to pull and fast running in snow.

 In skijoring, all the work is not done by your pet, that it will pull you in the snow without any problem.

 Without proper training, your pet can make your face meet with the snow again and again.

 Therefore, for this you have to train your pet well, you have to teach your pet the commands of running and pulling for enjoyable skijoring experience. 

  • History of skijoring:  Modern Skijoring definitely originated from Scandinavia ,a Norwegian region where skiing  is a very popular sport.

  •  But in the early 1900s a different type of skijoring called equine skijoring was quite popular in Switzerland and France.

  •  In this sport, the horse used to pull the skier with a harness and the speed of the horse was 40 miles per hour. The skier at this speed had to cross many obstacles.

  •  This type of skijoring was found in U.S and Canada where many organizations train and organize competitions for equine skijoring in mountain states like Colorado , Utah, Montana etc.. 


HEALTH BENEFITS OF SKIJORING : Skijoring is a very effective exercise to keep the body active in winters.

 Protects the body from muscle stiffness, keeps you energized and is also very effective in burning the  calories. According to a study 30 min. Skijoring can burn a 150-pound person about 286 calories. 

According to a 2019 report, skijoring is very effective in making your body disease-free, along with it, it Increases the strength of your muscles.

 improving cardiorespiratory fitness, and reducing the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and reducing inflammation. 

And the most important benefit that skijoring brings is a strong bond between you and your pet.