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If you want to strengthen your arms as well as make them look attractive, include triceps exercise in the exercise routine along with bicep exercises.

 Triceps play a very important role in making your arms attractive and your arms look more muscular and stronger with triceps. 

The triceps muscle is on the back side of your upper arms, it is made up of three muscles, long head, lateral head and medial head.

 When we do triceps exercises, these three muscles are targeted together, due to which we get a perfect triceps.

There are many exercises for the triceps, but the triceps extension exercise on the floor is very effective and satisfying.

 This exercise gives you very good results in a short period of time.  




STEP:1 (EQUIPMENTS):   A pair of   dumbbells 

STEP:2 (ACTION):  So first place the dumbbells on the floor where you are going to exercise. Now lie down straight on the floor with your back, bend the legs and balance the feet on the floor so that we can get stability while lifting the weight. 

Lift a dumbbell with each palm, keeping in mind that the weight is according to you, Bend the arms 90 degrees and slightly bend or move the arm towards the shoulder, this will target the triceps muscle well. 

Now you have to bring the dumbbell slowly  near to the shoulder, pause  for a while and then take it away from the shoulder. 

Keep in mind that this motion has to be done slowly. Due to which your muscles will feel more stressed. 

NOTE: If you are new to this exercise, then do 2 sets in the range of 7 to 10 reps. with low weight. Once perfection is achieved in the arms motion, go for 3 sets in the range of 10 to 12 reps with heavy weights. 







1.VERSATILITY: Due to the triceps extension exercise, you are able to do unilaterally and bilaterally work easily, without any extra effort. 

2.SIMPLICITY: In this triceps extension exercise, you do not need much equipment like other exercises. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a comfortable flat floor. 

3.ISOLATION: This exercise completely targets all the three muscles of your triceps, making this exercise the most effective for triceps. 

4.BALANCE AND SYMMETRY: Many times the muscle of one arm looks bigger than the other, This is because an arm lifts more weight due to the unbalance of the weight during the barbell. 

But the weight of the dumbbell would have been more balanced for an arm, due to which the muscle grows in the balance.