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The upright row exercise is one of the  effective and compound exercise that targets the muscles that strengthen your upper body. 

This exercise effectively targets your upper back muscles, shoulder muscles and bicep muscles. 

The upright row exercise is one of the most important exercises for your upper body, which will enable you to do weightlifting, pushing, pulling, and other sports activities without any injury. 

This exercise is very easy to do because its movement is very simple and it can be done with dumbbells or even with barbell. 


The upright row exercise specifically targets your trapezius, which is your upper back muscle, and the deltoid, which is your shoulder muscle. 

Along with this, it also targets your bicep muscles.



STEP.1:(EQUIPMENTS): Pair of   dumbbells or   Barbell. 


1. In the upright row exercise, you should first stand in a comfortable position on the floor, the distance between the feet should be according to the shoulder width. 

2.Now take a dumbbell in each hand or a barbell, 

NOTE: If you are taking barbell, then take wavy EZ curl bar, which will make your grip stronger and there will be no stress on the wrist during the exercise. 

3. During this exercise we will use barbell. 

4. Now you hold the barbell with a good grip, keep in mind that the distance between your grip is less than the shoulder width. 

5. Now take the barbell to the thigh while extending the arms towards the bottom. 

6. This is our starting position. 

7. Now lift the barbell up by bending the arms, when the barbell reaches the collar bone, pause for a while, then slowly move down the barbell to the starting positions. 

NOTE: While lifting the barbell upwards during the exercise, your elbows should be above your forearms. 

8. In this way your one rep is complete, you can do this exercise for 3 to 4 sets in the range of 10 to 12 reps. 

9. If you are in the beginning of this exercise, then perfect the exercise motion because the movement of this exercise is easy, But a small mistake can injure your upper body. 




1.The upright row exercise, when done properly, targets your shoulder muscles effectively, In which the anterior and lateral deltoid muscles are the most targeted, which makes your shoulder more strong, muscular and balance. 

2. The upright row exercise specifically targets your upper back trapezius muscle, making your upper back appear more toned, strong and muscular. 

3. Upright row exercises target those muscles of your upper body, which give you extra strength while weightlifting.

 Because with this exercise, those important muscles of your upper body are targeted, which makes your upper body more strong and balance. 


1. The most common mistake made during an upright row is to keep the elbows below the forearms. 

The upright row exercise targets your upper body effectively, so that you have to keep the elbows above the forearms. 

2. During this exercise, you should keep your grip good, because if the grip is not right, there will be stress on your wrist and which can cause problems in the wrist. 

During this exercise, you can use the wavy EZ bar, because your grip is good on this bar and there is no stress on the wrist. 

3. If you do not have a wavy bar, then you can hold a normal barbell according to the shoulder width, even this will not cause stress on your wrist.